Sunday, December 5, 2010

PeNgenalAN sEDikIt TeNtaNG sEOraNg MuAlaF

Salam..i'm very interested about 1 person (mualaf), he has been called Sheikh Hussein Yee. here a simple background about Hussein Yee;

Born into a Buddhist family, Sheikh Hussain Yee embraced Islam at the age of 18. He pursued studies at the University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia majoring in Hadith. After graduating in 1978, he joined the organization called ‘Perkim', in Malaysia, which focuses on the well being of the new converts. Later he seconded as director of centre in Hong Kong. He then founded Al Khaadem with a group of volunteers in 1984.
He also studied four years under Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani, and has also had contact with the former Grand Mufti of Saudi-Arabia Ibn Baaz while studying at the University of Madinah. After studying in Saudi Arabia, Hussain Yee became involved in various organizations and now gives talks in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.which includes conducting summer camps by the invitation of local and international organizations. Furthermore, Hussain regularly appears on Peace TV whereby he gives many lectures.


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